Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting the Word Out, Part 1

I have to confess.

I loathe "social networking".

Now don't misunderstand; making actual friends, professionally networking with peers, connecting over things I would not find on my own if not for having them pointed out to me, these are all wonderful things. I'm certainly no misanthrope.

What I can't stand are the tools, and certain major aspects of the culture surrounding "social networking". I should not have to give up vital privacy to discover what someone had for breakfast this morning. The privilege of encountering poorly composed copypasta should not require that I be bombarded with advertisements calculated to exploit my insecurities as a woman. How exactly things like pornographic spam and virtual thumbs ups are supposed to act as cherished rewards for tossing dignity to the four winds is beyond my intellect.

But, as anyone truly privy to my intimate life knows well, I look at dignity in much the same way I view the notion of a soul: They're basically fungible assets that I am delighted to spend carelessly on stuff I can actually use!

In this vein, while I am still not going to join facebook purely because it irritates me to no end (and because I would rather beat up superheroes on DC Universe than raise a virtual farm), I am going to create a Twitter account.

Right this very minute. Maybe.


Not a terrifically painful process, now that it's finished. Whether it helps magnify my roar or not, well, that remains to be seen. We can hope!

I have many other plans/notions/whims to consider and implement as far as making the world aware of my book and ongoing work. I will tinker with smashwords' coupon function before too long, see about giving freebies to more established names. I will need to figure out "affiliate" programs, participate in certain forums, and many other things I do not yet know about or understand. That's what makes this entry Part 1 of getting the word out.

May I be fortunate enough that this series of posts will have very few parts, and soon I can just focus exclusively on communicating with those who do know and are ready for more stories <3

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