Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Getting the Word Out, Part 2

So far, I'm finding that it's mostly about making connections. I'm already reeeeeally disinclined to spam, and paying for adspace is out of reach at present, so mostly it's kind of slogging through places where I might find people inviting book recommendations, or about handing out coupons for free copies to folks who might give favorable mentions or reviews.

I've tried this with a small community of interesting critics that were mentioned on reddit, which I spend far too much time on, and I've also tried it with some personal heroes of mine.

Excuse me, but I'm going to fan girl for a minute :)

When I was small, real small, it didn't take long at all for me to invert the paradigm of being read to by my father. He passed on while I was in college, so he's not available to ask, but if I'm remembering right, he used to laugh quite a bit, and felt great pride, in how I started taking the books out of his hands and reading to him instead. Maybe I wanted better voice acting, that's my theory >_>

I believe, though I could be wrong, the first time this happened was with Patricia C. Wrede's "Dealing with Dragons"

I know for certain though that the longest, loudest bouts of laughter, and most of my very happiest memories of being a child came from reading the Robert Aspirin "Myth Adventures" series.

Some time later, a little bit more grown up, I stumbled on graphic novel versions of those stories, and the Foglios, linked to above, and creators of Girl Genius, were the ones behind that.

Being able to laugh, free and loud, just like I was a small kid again and not the gradually more insular, angry teenager I was becoming, was a revelation. One page sticks specifically in my mind, where Aahz and Skeeve are waiting for someone in a tavern, and Aahz silently accumulates tankards on the table, looking angrier, until finally he's about to explode and has one on his head.

You'd have to see it yourself <3

So, I send the "Professors" a coupon for my book, and decide to share this story, realizing as I did that, you know, these people have so much to do with helping form and encourage my sense of humor, wonder, and all good things with all that they've done for over 20 years. They're work delighted me as a child, was there when I got into Magic TG as a teen, was even there when I was looking for, let's say... saucier artworks. And they've made genuinely strong, interesting, female characters for years, on top of being true pioneers and continuous innovators in steampunk and gaslamp fantasy.

Professors, I salute you!

And now, back to the long, but rewarding task of connecting people looking for adventure to my stories. Thanks to any and all now hopping aboard for a ride <3

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